IACA Newsletter


Fellow IACA supporters,

Happy New Year.

It’s quite an honor to take on the reigns of the oldest Indian American Cultural Association of Atlanta, nicknamed IACA once again. As some of you might recall this is my third stint in this role, the first two being in 2012 and 2013, almost ten years ago.

Atlanta and IACA has changed quite a bit in last ten years. The biggest change in last ten years that IACA has seen is the completion of Sanatan Mandir project. In the coming year we will kick off the India Center (IC) project. India Center will be located at the same address in Smyrna, GA.

Embarking on the ambitious IC project requires us to take major initiatives, the first and foremost being the support base. We will be increasing the membership base and work towards a goal of achieving hundred thousand member base sometime in very near future. Our soft target for this year is 1000 members

We can increase the membership base by spreading the wings of IACA across the entire Atlanta area spreading from Macon to Dahlonega and Villa Rica. We will be conducting major cultural activities in North and South Atlanta, apart from doing them at our base in Smyrna.

IC project will require lots of funds. We will be working with major fortune 500 corporations of Atlanta to partner with us in promoting IACA mission and goal, which is promotion of art, culture, community service and education. We are looking forward to leads from our membership in this area.

We need to increase our life membership base. This will help promote and fulfill IACA agenda. I encourage the fellow Atlantans, who are quite familiar with IACA and have not yet taken Life Membership, to please do so. We will be working with the Board to streamline the membership to encourage more participation. Please spread the word about IACA among your colleagues, friends and family.

My immediate predecessor, Mr. Chand Akkineni has put lot of processes in place to ensure smooth functioning of the organization. We sure will follow the template while willing to add more if the membership wants. There will be additional focus on sports activities. Feel free to approach us if you have any new ideas about Cultural Activities/Events/Philanthropy work, Fund Raising activities.

IACA (An organization representing the Indian diaspora across all its diversities) is a necessity in Atlanta. Help us strengthen it. I am always open and available for new ideas to achieve the goal of IACA.

Feel free to email me or call/text me at Kaushal.tripathi@gmail.com or 404-317-5474.

Looking forward to seeing and working with you all in the coming year and beyond.

Kaushal Tripathi

President, IACA.


The following Program Coordinators/Directors are confirmed for 2023*

Chairwoman, Membership Committee – Rina Gupta

Management committee Vice Chairman – Priya Misra

Media Director – Jyothsna Hegde

Website Development – Chitra Venkat, Raghava Tadavarthi, Yuvaraj Ganesh

Sports Program Director – Amit Arora

Program Director for Toastmaster’s Public Speaking – Ranjithaveena Pol

Program Director for Republic Day – Geeta Talukdar

Program Director for Holi – Rani Singh

Program Director for Summer Camp – Anamika Pol


ACA will be celebrating Republic Day on January 21st or 28th. Please mark your calendars.