Heart to Heart with

Dr. Jay Yadav

by Jyothsna Hegde | July 2021

“The best things in life are somewhat accidental,” says Dr. Jay Yadav. He should know. From aspiring to study astronomy to choosing medicine to work on cancer and then opting for cardiology and then innovating cardiovascular medical devices to save lives which led to being a serial entrepreneur, Dr. Yadav admits his path of success is a summation of “serendipitous” happenings in his life and his spontaneous reactions to these situations. In fact, the trend seems to have applied to the way he met his better-half, Marshalla, he says “I only met her one time at the hospital when I was a resident at Duke. Our paths may never have crossed again if I had not immediately asked her to have dinner.”


Subramonian Shankar

by Jyothsna Hegde | January 2021

If you are starting a company, you need to understand the product you want to offer and make absolutely sure that the product is super stable and works well. Everything else should follow,” said Subramonian Shankar, President and CEO of Amzetta Technologies, and founder of American Megatrends, Inc. (AMI)

Atlanta added Subramonian Shankar to its list of multi- millionaires back in 2001 when he divested the RAID division of AMI to LSI Logic Corp for $221.5 million dollars. While AMI’s RAID was the world’s leading RAID product and was used by many of the leading server firms at that time, it was still only one part of mega empire he constructed.