Scholarship Application

Scholarship Applications are open for the year 2022

5 Merit Scholarships and 10 Need based scholarships will be announced/awarded on August 13, 2022 at FOI.


Paddy Sharma: 404-642-9064
Kris Gadde: 678-357-0178
Tushar Sanghvi: 770-438-1111
Vishwanath Ganti: 732-491-5743
Vir Nanda: 404-312-8544
Chand Akkineni: 404-915-0497



Scholarship Eligibility

All applicants must either attend an accredited four-year college or university for undergraduate studies, or will be attending in the Fall of 2022. Furthermore, they must be of Asian-Indian descent and graduate from an accredited high school in Georgia. High school seniors meeting these requirements are also eligible for the scholarship.

The majority of the scholarships are based on financial need and merit combined. However, there are a few scholarships based solely on merit such as the written essay and the highest SAT/ACT scores. All academic scores and extra-curricular activities, including sports, will be used to evaluate the eligibility.

Please see the FAQs for any further questions.

Scholarship Process

We offer four-year scholarships, one-year scholarships, and two-year scholarships. You only need to submit one application form to be considered for all the scholarships.

Please submit your application for Scholarship below:

Scholarship Application

Application Submission is closed for the year of 2022