IACA is celebrating its 50th anniversary and organizing Golden Jubilee Celebrations in 2021 to raise funds for fixing the building and creating seed money for the future India Center. You may donate funds to Golden Jubilee Celebrations (GJC) or India Center project or both.

GJC donors will receive benefits as per the sponsorship package list published on our website. (Click here to read.)

India Center donors and other IACA donors will receive trusteeship or other levels of recognition based on their accumulated donations.

Donations will be allocated in the following manner:

GJC (all donations, individual or corporate) to be used for

  • IACA Renovation
  • IACA Events
  • Operational Expenses
  • On December 15, 2021, leave $10,000 in the IACA account for operations and transfer the rest of the money towards the seed money for India Center project

India Center Donations:

  • To be used for India Center only.

There was a resolution passed by GBM on December 4, 2005, that the India Center Buildings project shall be started after collecting $250,000 from no less than 20 donors of minimum $5000 each. With support from the community, we feel confident that this seed money can be raised this year, and we can proceed with this project. However, if we are unable to collect $250,000 by December 15, 2021, the collected money would be transferred to IACA Reserve Fund with the consent of the donors.