IACA Talent Show (ITS)

March 26, 2021, 6:00 PM (Semi-Finals)
March 28, 2021- 6:00 PM (Grand Finale)

IACA is pleased to announce the first ITS, a celebration of talent, confidence & hard work for Children & Youth. Contestants will have the opportunity to showcase their Talents virtually from the comfort of their home. A contestant must submit completed Registration Form on or before March 17th, 2021. More information on eligible age groups and talent categories, click the More Info

Scanned paper forms can be sent by email to IACAGJC@gmail.com  or by calling one of the following ITS team members:

Kiran Agnihotri: 770-310-3998
Vishwanath Ganti: 732-491-9324
Rani Singh: 770-364-7068
Neelam Sharma: 770-598-4362
Anu Bhat: 404-422-3137
Chaitanya Bhat: 404-693-6882
Bina Desai: 678-761-1989
Anamika Pol: 404-200-5139
Chand Akkineni: 404-915-0497
Paddy Sharma: 404-642-9064