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Enjoy the beauty of Mysore during Dasara Festivities

October 3, 2014 in Community News, IACA News, Music, Regional Flavors

Wish you all Happy Dasara! Mysore comes alive during this time. It is still a spectacular place to live not only visit.

Navaratri marks the worship of Goddess of wealth (Lakshmi), Knowledge (Veenapani) and Shakti (Durga) 3 days each with Vijaya Dashami the tenth day the celebration of “good” over “evil”, the day Rama killed Ravana to liberate Sita.

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Atlanta Indian Idol 2014 – was a grand succcess

March 1, 2014 in IACA News, Music, Upcoming Events

IACA hosted a fabulous Atlanta Indian Idol 2014 second year in a row. It was a very well organized event representing top talent from around the country. The event included dance performance from top dance studios in Atlanta..

See some of the pictures here..

Indian Idol Seniors

Indian Idol Juniors

Volunteers and Judges:
Indian Idol Volunteers and judges